For women, men and couples who are in relationships or marriages that seem to have lost some of their lustre...

"Could It Really Be This Easy
To Get The 'Spark' Back In Your
Relationship or Marriage?"

Relationship Spark Building Secrets Revealed:

"Here's what you can do to rekindle your relationship and have more of the love, passion, connection, closeness, romance and spark you really want starting right now..."

Dear Friend,

We're Susie and Otto Collins--relationship coaches, authors and seminar leaders from Ohio-- and we want to share some new breakthrough ideas with you that have been working wonders in both our own relationship and in the relationships and marriages of our Breakthrough coaching clients that we work with here in the USA and all over the world as well.

Before we share these ideas with you, we'd like to ask you a few questions to make sure this information is right for you in your current relationship situation.

Please be as honest as possible as you answer these questions and know that you don't have to sensor or filter your thoughts or answers to these questions in any way. This is because you are the only one who will know your answers to these important relationship questions.

Here are our questions for you...

~ Is the passion and desire you and your partner have for each other less than it used to be in your relationship without any good reason?

~ Do you sometimes wonder "What happened to the man (or woman) I used to be with" and "Why did they have to change so much?"

~ Have other things taken priority in your life and the connection between the two of you suffered because of it?

~ Do you feel that somewhere deep down inside you that "something's missing" in your relationship or marriage and you're not sure what to do about it?

Whether you and your partner have just been dating for a while, you're in a committed relationship or you are married...

If you answered YES to any of these questions we just asked you--welcome to what we call "life and your relationship after the honeymoon period."

YES, it's true-- there really is a honeymoon period in every relationship (whether you're married or not.)

It's also true that EVERY person and couple that has been in a relationship for an extended period of time goes through this uncomfortable, difficult and sometimes painful time that we're talking about that happens after the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

We know this to be true because it happened both in our own relationship and in the lives of hundreds of people we've worked with.

Right now you're probably finding yourself wanting more from your relationship or maybe even wanting it to be "like it used to be" once again...

Here's what's really important right now...

It's what you do next that is going to determine whether your relationship will get stronger or weaker--more connected or more distant--more passionate or die a slow death...

"Is your relationship or marriage destined for challenges and problems or is there a way to make sure it doesn't die like so many other marriages and relationships you know?"

When you and your partner first got together, there's a good chance you were just like us...

When the two of us first got together, we thought we were immune to the conflicts, challenges and communication breakdowns that we had in our previous marriages and those we saw in the daily lives of most couples we knew... but that turned out to be incredibly wrong.

The start of our relationship was like two "soul mates" coming together with such attraction, passion, bliss and spark that we thought we were in heaven.

We thought, "Nothing can happen to tarnish our love and relationship because after all...we're soul mates."

Just like you and millions of other couples, when this honeymoon phase of our relationship ended, that's when we began having some of the same challenges that you are probably going through right now.

We couldn't believe it.

You might think that because we're relationship coaches, authors and speakers who have written and created over two dozen books, audios, courses and programs that this couldn't have happened to us... but it did.

The truth is that if we hadn't discovered some of the skills, ideas, techniques and strategies that we did, we might not even be together now to be able to share these ideas that we want to give you.

"Why losing the spark in your relationship or marriage isn't your fault and what you can do to quickly and easily create more of the love, passion, connection and spark that you really want"

One thing we'd really like to tell you if you've lost that special feeling and want more is that it really isn't your fault.

It's just that life gets in the way.

This isn't a cop-out, a justification or some lame excuse we've come up with for you or anyone else. It's true.

Stop and think about it.

With all this technology at our fingertips and all these modern conveniences at our disposal weren't our lives supposed to less hectic, easier and more fulfilled?

They're not.

You're probably busier now than you've ever been before. You've got more to do.

You're working more than you ever have (both at home and at work) and you've got less and less to show for it and it's all taking a toll on your relationship.

If you're like most of the people we work with...

You may be wondering "Is this all there is"-- and-- you want more.

You want more from your life and you certainly want more from your relationship or marriage.

You and your partner may be having more arguments than you used to or you may be finding that there just seems and feels like there is more distance between the two of you than there used to be.

You may have even begun to wonder if it's going to be like this from now on.

You may be wanting more excitement (or at least want your partner to stop nagging or to help around the house.)

You may be wanting more love, more kisses, touching or holding.

You may be wanting to feel that closeness again that you once had.

You may be wanting more laughter, more lovemaking or sex.

If you're feeling disconnected from your partner, we're also imagining that one of the most important things you may be wanting right now might be your partner's time and attention.  

If any of these things we just mentioned sounds like what you're experiencing, we'd like you to know that we have a brand new program we've just released that can help you get the spark and that special feeling of being loved and feeling important back.

And the exciting news is-- with the help of our new program-- it is much easier than you've ever thought possible.


A brand new program from Susie & Otto Collins created specifically to help you...

Restart The Spark

How to put the spark back in your relationship, marriage or life!

Download "Restart The Spark" Now and Here's What You'll Get...

"Restart The Spark"  Includes:

~6 Downloadable Audios

~Downloadable Restart The
  Spark Action Guide

~Instantly Available

~No Waiting

~No Shipping Charges

Here is a description of each of the 6 downloadable audios and action guidebook that are included:

Audio # 1

"Answers to the 10 biggest questions about how to keep the spark alive in your relationship or marriage and how to get it back if it's faded..."

We recently sent out a survey to the 70,000 + people who get our love and relationship newsletter where we asked our subscribers to tell us what their biggest challenge was in their relationship or marriage.

This is the recording from a live teleseminar we did where we answered the 10 biggest and most pressing questions about how to restart the spark in your relationship or marriage.

 Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)

Audio # 2

"4 Secrets To Keeping The Spark Alive"

In this downloadable audio, we're focusing on 4 ideas that have had profound positive impact on our relationship and the relationships of hundreds of our Breakthrough coaching clients.

To keep the spark alive, it takes knowing what you want in your relationships, being committed to it and making sometimes very small shifts in your thinking, speaking and actions. These 4 secrets will be incredibly powerful in helping you restart the spark in your relationship or marriage.

Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)

Audio # 3

"Cultivating and Building Desire"

Let's face it-- without desire there's not much chance to rebuild your connection and restart your spark.

In this downloadable audio, we go deep into how to build and cultivate more desire in your relationship or marriage. You're going to love this audio.

Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)

Audio # 4

"The Missing Link To More Passion, Intimacy and Love in your Relationship"  

If you're reading this, we know you're committed to your relationship and to expanding what you have to something more.

In this session we're going to challenge you to look at your relationship and life in new ways that you may not have considered before.

Here, you're going to take a look at your life and see where you can make some very simple shifts to create more of what you want.

Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)

Audio # 5

"Cultivating The Beliefs That Lead To More Passion, Love Spark and Connection..." 

Your beliefs determine your entire life experience. In this downloadable audio, we'll talk to you about your beliefs around what is possible in a relationship in the short-term and the long-term.

We'll share with you what your beliefs about your current partner mean and your beliefs about yourself. We're going to give you specific ways to change your beliefs and make shifts to having what you want in your life.  


Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)


Audio # 6

"Sex Intimacy and Keeping The Spark Alive"

In this session, we are being interviewed by Alex Allman of about passion, sex and intimacy. By listening to this, you'll know how to get the passion back in your relationship both in and out of the bedroom.

In this session, we are far more edgy, controversial and revealing about not only the keys to the incredible love, passion and sex that we have in our own relationship but the secrets to how you can enjoy more intimacy, sex and connection in your relationship as well too.

Audio   Recording

(Instantly downloadable)


To help you get the most out of this audio program, we've created a "Restart The Spark Action Guidebook" and have included it in this package.

Here is a quick description of it and how to use it to help you get the most out of this program...

In this 41 page "Restart The Spark" action guidebook, you'll find insights from us, questions for you to answer and activities we take you through.

To create the biggest breakthroughs possible in your relationship or marriage, you'll want to listen to the recordings described above-- in order-- and then answer the questions we have for you in this guide as you go along.

Some of the questions and activities in this guide are in the recordings and some have been added--all to help you get unstuck from where you are and move toward the relationship and life that you want.

If you're working on this material with a partner...

We suggest that you listen to each audio and answer the questions separately in this spark action guide, unless otherwise indicated. Then after each chapter, talk together about what you discovered. Work on your "Spark Action Plan" together and decide how you will keep your momentum going, doing the action items on your list.

If you're working on this material by yourself...

You can work through it on your own if your partner isn't interested but you are--or you are currently single and want to create a better relationship next time around.

Although re-igniting spark certainly takes both people, you can have an impact on your relationship by going through this material by yourself and holding an open mind and heart.

By the end of this program, you will have the insights, ideas and strategies to create a specific action plan of either new ideas or old ones that you are reviving that will lead you to more spark, enthusiasm, zest and passion in your relationship and life.

When you order this "Restart the Spark" Downloadable Audio Program and Action Guidebook described above...

You also get these 3 terrific bonuses as an additional part of the package, plus free information about how to create more spark in your relationship, as well as our weekly love and relationships newsletter free of charge...

Bonus Ebook #1

"Relationship Building Secrets"

By the time you've finished reading the pages in this book, you will have discovered some amazingly simple and yet incredibly powerful ideas that have the power to change the quality of your relationships forever.

With this information, you'll be able to let go of mistrust and open up to possibilities.  You'll be on your way to deeper, more connected and more fulfilling relationships as well as a better life.

 Digital Download

Bonus Ebook # 2

"Love Lessons" --a 56 page e-book in pdf format by Susie and Otto that will give you dozens of powerful insights, tips, ideas and strategies for creating an outstanding relationship. 

Digital Download

Bonus Special Report # 3

"10 Communication Mistakes Most People Make In Their Relationships and What They Can Do To Fix Them" 

This 21 page special report by Susie and Otto contains the master keys on how to start improving communication now with everyone in your life. This will give you even more help with communicating with your partner as you move toward rebuilding trust and restoring your relationship and connection.

Digital Download


When you download and listen to this "Restart The Spark" audio program and guide book, here's what you'll discover...  

  • What you can do to make sure the passion never dies in your relationship or marriage

  • The first step in building more desire between you and your partner

  • The 4 primary secrets to restarting the spark in your relationship or marriage

  • What you can do quickly and easily to get the spark back in your relationship if it seems to have faded

  • A very simple mind-shift you can apply right now to help you create infinite possibilities for your relationship and your life

  • The ONE thing that must happen within you first if you are going to restart the spark or rebuild your connection

  • What you can do to draw closer when there are big differences between you and your partner

  • What to do if you want more passion, love and connection and your partner is shut down to you

  • What to do when you and your partner get "off-track" to get back on track to the love and connection you really want

  • How to build or rebuild trust in your relationship or marriage

  • The communication secrets that lead to a closer and more loving relationship

  • How to say "yes" to you more of the time 

  • How to be more understood by your partner or the people in your life

  • How to speak your truth to your partner in ways that they can hear, understand and honor

  • How to open your heart to your partner more of the time and why you should do it  

  • How to learn from past relationships how to get what you want in future relationships

  • How to get your needs met in your relationship

  • Get clear and create your intentions for what you want

  • Use gratitude for healing the past and moving forward toward what you want

  • Align yourself and your life to be totally in sync for creating the relationship and life you want

  • How to identify and let go of any beliefs that may be sabotaging your efforts to create a better relationship

  • Daily things you can do to create the kind of relationship that you want

  • And much more...

"How to tell if this "Restart the Spark" Audio Program and Guidebook is for you..."

This downloadable audio program and guidebook will undoubtedly change thousands of relationships and lives (maybe yours too) but the truth is... it's not for everyone.

Here's how to tell if it's for you...

If you or your partner feels (in any way) that the passion, connection and desire you have for each other is less than it used to be and you want that passion, love and connection back-- then this program is for you.

If you sometimes wonder "What happened to the man (or woman) I used to be with" or "Why did they have to change so much?"... then this program is definitely for you.

If other things have taken priority in your life and the connection between the two of you has suffered because of it... then this "Restart The Spark" audio program is for you.

If you feel in any way, shape or form that "something's missing" in your relationship or marriage and you're not sure what to do about it...then this program is for you as well.

On the other hand, if your relationship challenges are more serious in nature or are specific to overcoming jealousy, rebuilding trust, or deciding whether to stay or go... we have some outstanding resources that can help you solve or work through each of these relationship challenges available here to help you.

This "Restart The Spark" downloadable audio program and action guidebook is for you if you are not ready to throw in the towel just yet and want more love and a better relationship.

If you want more "spark" and "life" in your relationship or marriage and you are willing to try some new ideas and strategies, then make the decision to download this program right now and listen to it in its entirety as soon as possible. 

 "Restart The Spark Is Different Than
Anything Else For One Simple Reason..."

You can get relationship books, audios and "information" almost anywhere these days. Therapists and coaches are abundant in every major city and on the internet and still...

There is nothing like this "Restart The Spark" audio and guidebook program anywhere.

And here's why...

This is the only program we are aware of available anywhere that is single focused on helping you start right where you are in your relationship or marriage and actually help you "Restart The Spark."

Other relationship resources seem to focus on helping you "stay together no matter what" or "show you how men and women are from different planets" or talk about the different "love languages."

Understanding relationship theory is good if you've got the time for it...

We're guessing that if the magic has faded a bit in your relationship, you aren't much interested in learning about relationship "theory" but you do want the spark back.

If we're right-- what you need most right now is specific guidance about how to "Restart The Spark" AND that's what we're giving you here...


"The Two Relationship Choices You're Faced With..."

If you've read this far on this web page, you probably recognize that something is missing from your relationship.

If that's the case, you only have two choices here.

You can continue down the path you're on right now--hoping your connection with your partner will magically heal itself (which it almost never does) or you can do something to jump-start the spark and kick it up.

We have found that people who are living in dull, dead, lifeless relationships and marriages all went through what you are going through right now.

We urge you to not let this be you.

When you apply what we share with you in this program to your relationship or marriage, you'll be able to understand everything you need to know to start reigniting that spark you really want in your relationship-- starting right now.

Don't waste another minute of your time feeling rejected, bored, undesired or unloved.

Get your copy of "Restart The Spark" and start rebuilding the connection, love and passion back in your relationship or marriage now...

"Why This Program is So Affordable..."

In thinking about what the value of this program is--ask yourself this question...

What is it worth to you (in dollars) if you are able to truly restart the spark and create more of what you want in your relationship once again?

Is the value of the kind of relationship you want...five hundred dollars? A thousand? Ten thousand? A million? More than that?

Don't worry--even though the value of this program is easily worth ten or twenty times what we're asking-- we wanted to make sure we kept the price of "Restart the Spark" affordable for anyone regardless of what the economy is doing.

If you order now
you'll get the entire "Restart The Spark" downloadable package which includes...

~ the six "Restart The Spark" mp3 audios

~ the "Restart The Spark" 41 page downloadable action guidebook

~ the three additional bonuses mentioned above at the introductory low price of only $47.00

This $47 price is an introductory price and will be going up.

This is a pre-launch special for you and our other newsletter subscribers and web site visitors only.

You're smart enough to know that $47 is an absolute bargain compared to the price of staying stuck in your relationship or marriage and not knowing how to shift it.

Our goal is simply to give you the information you need to restart the spark at a price anyone can afford without busting their budget. That's why we offer such an amazing guarantee.


60 Day 100% No-Risk Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. 

If for any reason you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 60 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. 


Purchase Online with Credit Card by Secure Server 


Click here to download "Restart The Spark" now... and you'll be on your way to creating more spark with your partner or spouse and in your life as well.  

Many Blessings, 

Susie and Otto Collins 


P.S. Remember, this "Restart The Spark" audio program is not available in stores anywhere.  It's only available as a downloadable package here on our web site. 

Don't put it off. Order now and  you'll be taking that all important first step toward attracting and creating the love you really want right now. 

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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to embark on this journey with you. I know that 'Stop Talking on Eggshells' will be a blessing to many."

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This should be required reading before marriage, just like a blood test!

"Over the course of this week I have read, then re-read, your newest and in my opinion, your finest book,  'Stop Talking on Eggshells.'  I say that because it touched a cord I wasn't expecting; at times moving me from chills, to recall and then to tears.  Your clear writing, methodical flow, and personal insight spoke to me.  I felt as if I was the focus of your writing and that you were speaking personally to me; listening, affirming I was not peculiar, while offering suggestions of hope.  Unfortunately, I did not discover you earlier to save my marriage; however, I am convinced by practice that your methods do work!  My sincerest thank you for showing me I can have the relationship that I want and deserve!"

You really hit the mark this time.  Your writing was clear, succinct and flowed beautifully.  This should be required reading before marriage, just like a blood test!

Cindi Keller, Chicago, IL


I have no doubt that this book
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"I was one of the people fortunate enough to receive an advanced copy of Stop Talking on Eggshells, and I've been absolutely delighted with what I've read thus far.  As a spiritual and life coach, and also as a busy woman with a large group of friends, colleagues and family members, I have no doubt that this book will prove invaluable. 

"I love the honesty and thoughtfulness with which this highly practical information is presented.  The writing style is clear, concise and without frills, yet delivered in a very warm and compassionate manner.  I especially love the questions at the end of each chapter, and find them extremely helpful in allowing me to become more aware of my thoughts, feelings and what actions are necessary to assist me in moving forward fearlessly and with conviction. 

"The real-life examples are also very helpful.  Many thanks for such a thorough and wonderful book... the next time I find myself talking on eggshells, I'll have a great reference guide to gently remind me of how to get myself out of that pattern!  What a reassuring thought, indeed!"
Many thanks!
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"Stop Talking On Eggshells"...

"delivers to couples the necessary tools and strategies for communicating thoughts, concerns, and feelings without the fear of backlash.

                               Dr. Mike Minihan


Practical Help For Anyone Who Has a Desire To Improve Their Relationship or Recapture The Magic...

"We are excited about some of Otto and Susie's creative ideas to enhance or rekindle the spark in a relationship or marriage. Otto and Susie are experts on the subject of loving relationships. Their ideas are practical help for anyone who has a desire to improve their relationship or recapture the magic. They are experienced, compassionate, and caring coaches, who have a wealth of worthwhile information to help us all improve our most important relationships."

                              Roy and Gwen S.


They Transformed My Relationship 

"Your information and tools provided in your tapes and books have been very valuable for me in transforming my relationship.  Over the past few years I have read numerous relationship books to help me have a wonderful, passionate relationship.  Nothing compares to your books." 

                         Sue Afrasiabi from Melbourne Australia


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