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The "Restart The Spark" Audio Program

Includes the 6 Downloadable Audios, Action Guidebook Plus bonuses (As described on Previous Web Page)


Red Hot Love Relationships

No matter what your relationships have been like up until this moment... if you want more spark, more love, more passion, more intimacy and more connection in your relationships,
we want to suggest to you that with the help of the information in this book you can have it.

This downloadable ebook contains 77 Skills and Ideas for turning up the heat in (and out of) the bedroom.


You also get these additional bonuses...

~ Bonus One

The "Best Of " Susie and Otto Collins' Love and Relationship Gold Newsletter Articles
(Value $39.95)
We've written and created over 250 email newsletters since 1999 and this bonus (downloadable pdf format ) is a collection of 75 of the "best of" articles that we have written that have appeared in our Love and Relationship Gold newsletter over  the past 6 years.

Many of you have written to us in the past and asked if these newsletters were archived anywhere. Up until now, we've never compiled them all and put them together in one place. This "best of" collection is only available as a part of this special offer.

Relationship Coaches
Susie & Otto Collins

~ Bonus Two:

4 Keys To Unlocking Your Passion By Ghalil            (Value $29)

This FREE 40-min .MP3
from Ghalil shows you the secrets to cultivating passion within ourselves and others.

It's full of insights and great exercises to help you create and cultivate more passion and connection. You're going to love this. If you've never been exposed to the work of Ghalil and her book "Professional Dreamer," then you're in for a real treat.
We listened to this audio just the recently and WE were taking notes as we were listening.


Ghalil, author of the book "Professional Dreamer"

~ Bonus Three

Understanding How To Find and Stimulate The "G-Spot"  By Robert Irwin                                   (Value $15)

Yes, the G-Spot is real... And this special report by Robert Irwin author and creator of The Sexual Mastery System was originally written to show men how to locate the G-Spot and stimulate it in ways that will help women have a completely different type of orgasm.  

Although This report was primarily written for men, we think it will be very valuable to both men and women because it shows the exact techniques for helping to give women the deepest, most intense pleasure that they have ever experienced.  It's a small report included has just a few pages but this report alone is worth the price were asking for the entire package.

~ Bonus Four

How to Look Great Naked…With the Lights On E-book  By Tami Close                                  (Value $27) 

Imagine what it can feel like to love your body enough to create that sense of pride for who you are.  Imagine being so in sync with your body that you feel powerful beyond measure.  When you love yourself first, then everything is aligned from the Universe to bring you what you want including a relationship full of passion and connection.  Adopt simple, manageable action steps which are designed to be a perfect fit for your lifestyle.  Then visualize yourself standing in front of
the mirror and saying, “Wow!

Tami Close



~ Bonus Five

"10 Easy Ways You Can Attract or Create The Love You Want in Your Life..."  

 55 Minute Mp3 audio  
                                             (Value $29)



Relationship Coaches
Susie & Otto Collins

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